About US
We don't have an 800 number, because we don't need one! We work and live in RI to serve you better.
Area Served

We don't have an 800 number, because we don't need one! We live and work in Rhode Island, to serve you better. We provide commercial and residential services to all of Rhode Island. We are licensed by the State of Rhode Island and are members of the Alarm Association of Rhode Island.

What Sets Us Apart

Deciding on a security system and security company for you and your family is a very important decision. Is there anything more important? More personal? We don't think so. That's why you'll find experienced and accessible people at Apple Valley Alarms, all dedicated to your family and your future. It is a decision that most likely will last for the lifetime of your home. We want to make that decision as easy as possible for you.
In the fast paced and increasingly complex world of today, it is reassuring to know that we use sophisticated security systems and research to provide national caliber security components to serve you best. Providing a full range of security management services in a deeply personal business. We respond by tending to your security arrangements with a level of personal service rarely found in this day and age.

Customer Service

We take pride in the security services we offer. Call for a free estimate and a security consultant will develop a plan for you to achieve your security goals, whether it be security alarms, fire alarms, security access systems or CCTV surveillance systems. Each system we design for you will be based exclusively on your needs and our knowledge of the market place, not what is fastest or easiest to install.

I know....I know..you want to hear about the FREE SECURITY SYSTEM.

Didn't your Mother ever teach you, that nothing in life is for free!
No, we don't offer you a free security system.

At Apple Valley Alarms, we sell you a security system. You own it, you paid for it. We don't trick you into a lengthy contract to lease a security system that you don't own. A security system that someone retains the right to take out of your home. When you want to move from your house, we don't make you pay out the length of your contract. We sell you a security system, we stand behind that system with a wriiten warranty. It is your security system. Don't like us for some reason, you can hire another security company to monitor your account.

Speaking of monitoring, we offer some of the lowest rates for 24 hour monitoring by a UL listed Central Station in Rhode Island. The Central Station is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Do you see a trend??? We are a Rhode Island based company, to serve you, the customer better. After all, that's what really counts.